Effexor Lawyer

effexor lawyerAn Effexor Lawyer Will Win You Reimbursement

Effexor is an anti-depression drug created by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, a subsidiary to Pfizer Inc. Whereas the drug might be effective in the initial stages Effexor rids the consumer’s body with regrettably serious side effects later on. Some of the mild side effects attributed to Effexor include but are not limited to;

  • Persistent headaches which might later on develop to migraines (abnormally intense headaches)
  • Nausea which eventually gives way to vomiting; the affected individual hence has a loss of appetite due to the demoralization brought about by vomiting.
  • Do you use Effexor and end up feeling anxious? This is yet another of the many Effexor side effects
  • Insomnia has also been associated to the consumption of Effexor

An Effexor lawyer comes in handy in such cases; through a well formulated argument, he or she works towards winning you compensation. You will need the funds to cater for the medical conditions arising from these and other Effexor side effects.

How does an Effexor lawyer ensure that you the client get rightfully compensated?

Cases in courts are won on the basis of merit; the evidence presented hence has to be of substance. Your Effexor lawyer will request for the provision of a medical report from a certified doctor. This report should discuss in detail the side effects suffered by the claimant as a result of consuming Effexor.

The serious Effexor side effects are however the most relied upon in seeking reimbursement. The seriousness of these side effects necessitates a speedy settling of your case; consequently, you will receive your compensation in good time so as to rectify your failing medical condition. Your lawsuit application must hence feature these serious side effects which include;

Serious Effexor Side Effects

Are you having trouble concentrating and carrying out your obligated tasks? This is one of the most serious Effexor side effects and it has led to many individuals losing their regular source of income. Memory lapse is a degenerative condition which can pre-empt into a permanent condition when not dealt with in its early stages.

Convulsions are also common among Effexor consumers who are experiencing side effects at an advanced stage. Your Effexor lawyer will bank on such a compelling side effect and win you your rightful reimbursement. When your muscles get too rigid or and somewhat painful, have your doctor evaluate you. The consumption of Effexor has also been associated with irregular heartbeats, hallucinations, impulsive reflexes and loss of bodily coordination. Check for abnormal breathing patterns as well.

Do You Need An Effexor Lawyer?

Many individuals have filed lawsuits against Wyeth Laboratories in a bid to compel them to reimburse. It is the ripe moment for you to lodge a complaint as well. The expertise and proficiency with which our Effexor lawyer will invest in your lawsuit will leave you the happier. We are as determined as you are to pin Wyeth Laboratories to the floor and win you your rightful compensation. Invite us into your fold today by contacting us and watch as we acclaim your lost revenue and salvage your deteriorating medical condition.