Stryker Hip Lawyer

Are you In Need Of A Stryker Hip Lawyer?

Stryker hip lawyerThe Stryker Hip implants (Stryker ABG II and Stryker Rejuvenate) had sought to offer long lasting solutions to individuals who had hip injuries and needed viable replacements. This noble move by Stryker Orthopedics led to the creation of the above named designs which were customizable by the operating surgeon. Their metal-on-metal methodology however proved to be a nuisance; patient who have already been implanted with these Stryker devices have had to undergo expensive corrective surgeries which do not always have the guarantee of a purely positive outcome. A Stryker Hip Lawyer is instrumental in winning you compensation to go towards catering for the corrective surgery bill; indict the services of a Stryker Hip lawyer today and stand a chance of winning reimbursement.

The anomalies attached to the Stryker ABG II and Stryker Rejuvenate Hip implants

The fretting of the metals after corrosion

The metal-on-metal methodology was a bad choice by Stryker Orthopedics; the two adjacent metal plates are constantly wearing off due to friction brought about by movement. The individuals with the hip implants have told of severe pains as they walk; the metallic hip implant is directly in contact with their pelvic bones and thus in inflicts pain due to corrosion. This lead to the Stryker Hip Recall of 2012 where ABG II and Rejuvenate Stryker hip Implants were averaging a failure rate around 12-13%.

Life-threatening metallosis

The corrosion effect leads to the deposition of harmful metal ions in the area adjacent to the hip implant; namely the adjacent bones and tissues. Your Stryker Hip lawyer will have a good chance of winning you reimbursement by banking on this serious side effect. The affected cells are at the risk of suffering premature death (cell necrosis); such an adverse effect has to be reversed with immediate effect to avoid endangering the life of the individual.

Your Stryker Hip lawyer relies on undisputable evidence in order to win reimbursement on your behalf; he or she then builds a case based on such evidence and thereafter file a lawsuit against Stryker Orthopedics, the manufacturers of the Stryker ABG II and Stryker Rejuvenate hip implant devices. Since it was their fault (the designing of harmful medical devices), they will be compelled by the court to own up to their dehumanizing actions and award you compensation. This is the monetary fund that will enable you to cater for your medical bills and other domestic needs; the latter because the side effects resulting from the Stryker hip implants might be severe to the extent that you lose your source of income.

It is our sole intention to make certain that you and your family are not subjected to the agony brought about by the Stryker hip implants. Through a knowledgeable Stryker Hip lawyer, one who has weathered many storms, we will assist you in your quest to win reimbursement from Stryker Orthopedics. Our track record is impressive thus far and we are eager to make you part of our success story; a dislocated or broken hip should not be a source of immense physical, emotional and financial pain. Rather, it should be rectified accordingly following the advancements in the medical world. Our Stryker Hip lawyer will work smart and efficiently to acquire your reimbursement as soon as possible; contact us.

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