Risperdal Lawyer

Risperdal LawyerRisperdal Lawyers: How They Can Help

If you or someone close to you has experienced any of the dangerous side effects of Risperdal, then you maybe the right person to contact a Risperdal lawyer right away. Don’t worry. You are not alone in this.

The Medication Risperdal (risperidone) is a highly profitable yet highly controversial medication that is made and marketed by Johnson and Johnson through its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. It is an anti-psychotic drug that is used in the treatment of schizophrenia in adults and in adolescents, schizo affective disorders and acute mania. It is also being prescribed for other conditions like Dementia in elders, Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD in children and to fight depression.

Although Risperdal has been found effective in the treatment of these conditions, it has also been found to be linked with serious and life altering side effects.

Risperdal Problems and Side Effects

Risperdal is found to increase the secretion of a hormone called Prolactin significantly. Prolactin also called the lactogenic hormone is the hormone that triggers lactation in our bodies. Simply put, your body secretes more of this hormone to trigger breast growth and milk production. In females, this significant increase results in spontaneous milk production while in a male, it stimulates the growth of the breast which is called as Gynecomastia.

Although in males this growth is non-cancerous in nature, it can bring huge discomfort and mortification which, in the long run, could prove to be life altering.
Other harmful side effects include

  • · Stroke
  • · Pancreatitis or inflammation of Pancreas
  • · Diabetes or Hyperglycemia
  • · Suicidal thoughts and in some cases suicides
  • · Bone loss or Demineralization
  • · Cellulitis or bacterial infection of the deep layer of skin (dermis) and subcutaneous fat tissues under the skin
  • · Neutropenia or the disorder when there is a deficiency of a type of white blood cells in the blood
  • · Tumors in Pituitary which results in the disturbance in production of hormones in the pituitary gland
  • · Galactorrhea which is a condition in which the person suffers from production of milk from breasts
  • · Severe weight gain
  • · Tardive dyskinesia or involuntary movement disorder
  • · Sexual Dysfunction
  • · Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome is a neurological disorder

Risperdal Class Action Lawsuits

While the Risperdal Lawyers have been busy preparing individual lawsuits, The state of Arkansas filed a lawsuit as a result of which Johnson and Johnson was made to pay $1.1 billion over claims of the company hiding risks with the usage of Risperdal from the public and consumers of the drug. Other states to file lawsuits accusing the company of hiding the serious side effects were South Carolina, Texas and Louisiana. All these cases resulted in fines against Johnson and Johnson.

Risperdal Lawsuits and Risperdal Lawyers

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of a 21 year old individual in September 2012 in Philadelphia, in which he claimed that he had developed the medical condition of Gynecomastia due to his prolonged treatment with Risperdal. The suit was settled on the first day the terms of which have been kept private.

How Risperdal Lawyers Can Help

If you or someone known to you has been affected by Risperdal, You are not alone. Don’t hesitate to fill our online form and contact us for a free evaluation of your case and to know further on how we can help you to get the compensation that you are entitled to. You would be in safe hands with our Risperdal Lawyers.

Effexor Lawyer

effexor lawyerAn Effexor Lawyer Will Win You Reimbursement

Effexor is an anti-depression drug created by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, a subsidiary to Pfizer Inc. Whereas the drug might be effective in the initial stages Effexor rids the consumer’s body with regrettably serious side effects later on. Some of the mild side effects attributed to Effexor include but are not limited to;

  • Persistent headaches which might later on develop to migraines (abnormally intense headaches)
  • Nausea which eventually gives way to vomiting; the affected individual hence has a loss of appetite due to the demoralization brought about by vomiting.
  • Do you use Effexor and end up feeling anxious? This is yet another of the many Effexor side effects
  • Insomnia has also been associated to the consumption of Effexor

An Effexor lawyer comes in handy in such cases; through a well formulated argument, he or she works towards winning you compensation. You will need the funds to cater for the medical conditions arising from these and other Effexor side effects.

How does an Effexor lawyer ensure that you the client get rightfully compensated?

Cases in courts are won on the basis of merit; the evidence presented hence has to be of substance. Your Effexor lawyer will request for the provision of a medical report from a certified doctor. This report should discuss in detail the side effects suffered by the claimant as a result of consuming Effexor.

The serious Effexor side effects are however the most relied upon in seeking reimbursement. The seriousness of these side effects necessitates a speedy settling of your case; consequently, you will receive your compensation in good time so as to rectify your failing medical condition. Your lawsuit application must hence feature these serious side effects which include;

Serious Effexor Side Effects

Are you having trouble concentrating and carrying out your obligated tasks? This is one of the most serious Effexor side effects and it has led to many individuals losing their regular source of income. Memory lapse is a degenerative condition which can pre-empt into a permanent condition when not dealt with in its early stages.

Convulsions are also common among Effexor consumers who are experiencing side effects at an advanced stage. Your Effexor lawyer will bank on such a compelling side effect and win you your rightful reimbursement. When your muscles get too rigid or and somewhat painful, have your doctor evaluate you. The consumption of Effexor has also been associated with irregular heartbeats, hallucinations, impulsive reflexes and loss of bodily coordination. Check for abnormal breathing patterns as well.

Do You Need An Effexor Lawyer?

Many individuals have filed lawsuits against Wyeth Laboratories in a bid to compel them to reimburse. It is the ripe moment for you to lodge a complaint as well. The expertise and proficiency with which our Effexor lawyer will invest in your lawsuit will leave you the happier. We are as determined as you are to pin Wyeth Laboratories to the floor and win you your rightful compensation. Invite us into your fold today by contacting us and watch as we acclaim your lost revenue and salvage your deteriorating medical condition.

Yaz Lawyer

Yaz Lawyer’s Role in assisting with Yaz Lawsuits

Yaz LawyerHave you been negatively affected by Yaz? You now have a chance to file a Yaz lawsuit through a Yaz lawyer in the hopes of acquiring reimbursement. You will then be in a position to use that reimbursement to reverse your failing medical condition. Yaz is a birth control pill manufactured by the Germany based giant pharmaceutical entity Bayer. This fourth generation birth control pill inflicts the user with multiple serious Yaz side effects like heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism, all of which will be discussed later on.

Filing a lawsuit through a Yaz lawyer will enable you to claim your due compensation; aware of the fact that Yaz has ruined the lives of many active women, Bayer is supposed to compensate you for the pain, suffering and financial losses you have incurred as a result of using this harmful drug.

The tasks carried out by a Yaz lawyer

A Yaz lawyer is a qualified individual who is acquainted with the precincts of law; he or she will use the knowledge gathered to win you compensation. As the claimant, you stand to benefit through you lawyer and you can rest assured that the services offered by the Yaz lawyer will relieve you financially and otherwise.

As the party seeking reimbursement, you are required to provide your lawyer the necessary technical tools. Of most importance is your medical report; this document shows the side effects a victim have suffered and links them to the victim’s use of Yaz. Your Yaz lawyer will then build up a case based on the information contained in the medical report and fight towards securing your compensation. A Yaz lawsuit application made by your lawyer will give you an opportunity to acquire reimbursement. We all have to agree that Yaz side effects would have been prevented by Bayer. Well, they didn’t; why not file a lawsuit against them?

The serious side effects attributed to the use of Yaz

These side effects are of a serious nature and should be dealt with in the earliest stage possible; all the Yaz side effects result from the formation of blood clots. These blood clot travel throughout the body and they end up causing extensive damage to vital internal organs.

The side effects resulting from the use of Yaz include;

Formation of blood clots

Yaz contains a harmful chemical known as Drospirenone; this chemical induces the formation of blood clots in major blood vessels. This blood clots later on disengage from their origin and travels through the blood towards vital body organs like the heart, brain and lungs.

Pulmonary embolism

When a blood clot positions itself inside the pulmonary arteries, blood flow to and from the lungs is interrupted. Owing to this, the capacity of blood to transport oxygen to cells and tissues is reduced. This is dangerous and might even lead to death.


A blood clot may disengage from its position and travels towards the brain. This blocks blood supply to the brain and the affected individual might suffer from a permanent paralysis.

Heart attack

This is the most serious Yaz side effect; it results from the presence of a blood clot in or adjacent to the heart in one of the blood vessels.

File your Yaz lawsuit with our Yaz lawyer and fight for your compensation; we will be with you every step of the way. Contact us today.

Stryker Hip Lawyer

Are you In Need Of A Stryker Hip Lawyer?

Stryker hip lawyerThe Stryker Hip implants (Stryker ABG II and Stryker Rejuvenate) had sought to offer long lasting solutions to individuals who had hip injuries and needed viable replacements. This noble move by Stryker Orthopedics led to the creation of the above named designs which were customizable by the operating surgeon. Their metal-on-metal methodology however proved to be a nuisance; patient who have already been implanted with these Stryker devices have had to undergo expensive corrective surgeries which do not always have the guarantee of a purely positive outcome. A Stryker Hip Lawyer is instrumental in winning you compensation to go towards catering for the corrective surgery bill; indict the services of a Stryker Hip lawyer today and stand a chance of winning reimbursement.

The anomalies attached to the Stryker ABG II and Stryker Rejuvenate Hip implants

The fretting of the metals after corrosion

The metal-on-metal methodology was a bad choice by Stryker Orthopedics; the two adjacent metal plates are constantly wearing off due to friction brought about by movement. The individuals with the hip implants have told of severe pains as they walk; the metallic hip implant is directly in contact with their pelvic bones and thus in inflicts pain due to corrosion. This lead to the Stryker Hip Recall of 2012 where ABG II and Rejuvenate Stryker hip Implants were averaging a failure rate around 12-13%.

Life-threatening metallosis

The corrosion effect leads to the deposition of harmful metal ions in the area adjacent to the hip implant; namely the adjacent bones and tissues. Your Stryker Hip lawyer will have a good chance of winning you reimbursement by banking on this serious side effect. The affected cells are at the risk of suffering premature death (cell necrosis); such an adverse effect has to be reversed with immediate effect to avoid endangering the life of the individual.

Your Stryker Hip lawyer relies on undisputable evidence in order to win reimbursement on your behalf; he or she then builds a case based on such evidence and thereafter file a lawsuit against Stryker Orthopedics, the manufacturers of the Stryker ABG II and Stryker Rejuvenate hip implant devices. Since it was their fault (the designing of harmful medical devices), they will be compelled by the court to own up to their dehumanizing actions and award you compensation. This is the monetary fund that will enable you to cater for your medical bills and other domestic needs; the latter because the side effects resulting from the Stryker hip implants might be severe to the extent that you lose your source of income.

It is our sole intention to make certain that you and your family are not subjected to the agony brought about by the Stryker hip implants. Through a knowledgeable Stryker Hip lawyer, one who has weathered many storms, we will assist you in your quest to win reimbursement from Stryker Orthopedics. Our track record is impressive thus far and we are eager to make you part of our success story; a dislocated or broken hip should not be a source of immense physical, emotional and financial pain. Rather, it should be rectified accordingly following the advancements in the medical world. Our Stryker Hip lawyer will work smart and efficiently to acquire your reimbursement as soon as possible; contact us.

Depuy Hip Lawyer

The Finding the best Depuy Hip Lawyer

Depuy Hip LawyerHave you been experiencing debilitating side effects brought about by your Depuy ASR XL Acetabular System or the Depuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System hip implants? Engage the services of a Depuy Hip lawyer to claim your rightful reimbursement from the Johnson and Johnson Company for the Depuy Hip Recall. Numerous individuals have already benefited from such ventures and it is your time to be compensated as well for the following reasons;

  • Through the deliberations made on your behalf by a Depuy Hip lawyer, you have a chance of winning compensation; you will then use this compensation to cater for your domestic needs as well as clear your medical bills.
  • The Johnson and Johnson Company are liable for inflicting pain and depression on you and as such, they should reimburse you.
  • A hip replacement is mandatory if you intend to go back to your normal life; this however comes at a cost. 

How a Depuy Lawyer executes his or her mandate

depuy hip replacementA Depuy Hip lawyer starts off by querying the claimant and ascertaining whether the case is viable. It is advisable to fully cooperate with the Depuy lawyer in order to better your chances of winning compensation. The side effects brought about by the use of Depuy constitute greatly towards a successful lawsuit filed against the Johnson and Johnson Company. It is important to notify a doctor once you start experiencing any of the Depuy hip side effects which include discomfort and swelling around the implant region.

In arguing his or her case, the lawyer highlights on the serious side effects imposed on the claimant’s body by Depuy. These side effects demand immediate attention and the presiding judge should be convinced that compensation would come in handy in rectifying such a condition.

The serious Depuy side effects; these may win you compensation!

These side effects are of serious nature and should be averted as soon as possible to forego any further damage of the hip.


The genesis of the complications hovering around the Depuy ASR Hip resurfacing and Depuy ASR Acetabular System hip implants is their metal-on-metal methodology; with time, the adjacent metal plates wear off and the fine metal ions are deposited in the area next to the hip implant. These harmful metal ions then enter the blood system and cause further damage in organs such as the lungs.

Tissue necrosis

This is the death of tissues surrounding the implant region; the deposition of metal ions reduces the tissues’ life and prevents their regeneration as well. This decay is harmful as it might spread and affect an even greater portion of the hip; corrective surgeries become complicated in such instances. It would be best to see your doctor early enough and prevent an advancement of the situation.

We are determined to help you get over this

You inarguably need that compensation to kick-start your life once again; through our experienced and successful Depuy Hip lawyer, you have a chance of getting that. Your health is paramount and it is our goal that you undergo a corrective surgery immediately you receive your reimbursement. Contact us and get to learn how we will be of help to you.

Lipitor Lawyer

Lipitor Lawyer: Finding the right one

Lipitor LawyerLipitor presents itself as the undisputed champion in matters cholesterol; a champion because it effectively reduces ‘bad cholesterol’ and at that same time increases ‘good cholesterol’ in the human body. By all means, Pfizer Inc. has the right to brag for having brought this into the market; at the present moment though, you have the right to sue them if by any chance you have suffered serious sue effects after consuming their drug. While going through the vigorous process, you will undoubtedly need the services of a Lipitor Lawyer. This is an individual whose specializes in Lipitor-related tussles. A Lipitor Lawyer can be pre-referenced as the conduit between a claimant and his/her impending claim. Allow me to subvert your attention to the legal tasks carried out by this individual.

The functionalities of a Lipitor Lawyer

Being the professional who fronts your battle in a court of law, a Lipitor Lawyer is one to be held in high regard. He or she has experience with solving matters related to Lipitor Lawsuits and is the best bet for anyone hoping to be successful in court. As much as Pfizer Inc. want sway the courts into giving them reprieve, competent Lipitor Lawyers so far gained much ground as well as satisfying their clients.

If you choose to tread this viable path, the Lipitor Lawyer spearheading your case will require your input and cooperation. Of immediate interest to him/her will be to critically scrutinize your medical report; critically because the truth will proverbially set you free. This is after having ascertained that the report was compiled by a certified by a certified medical practitioner. A report bearing any or all of the serious Lipitor side effects definitely pumps-up the confidence of the Lipitor Lawyer. This is given that the serious side effects specially occur as a direct consequence of consuming Lipitor; that fact is not in contention.

The side effects a Lipitor Lawyer will be interested in

At the primary stages of building your case, the lawyer evaluates your application and determines whether it is worthwhile pursuing forward. This is considerate of the fact that a case based on mild side effects will not deliver the heavy punch needed to win the case; it is likely to be dismissed as an ‘acceptable’ consequential occurrence. The following serious side effects however will give you all the mileage you and your lawyer need so as to win;
Urinary disorders – The study of Lipitor has landed into a pretty disturbing revelation; a consumer may either expunge too little or too much urine and in some cases no urine at all. The urine is dark-colored and this immediately raises concern.
Memory Loss coupled with confusion – This is a particularly detrimental side effect. The affected individual has difficulties in recollecting past occurrences. The individual may have to altogether have to abandon their income and adapt to a whole new life-set.
Rhabdomyalisis – This condition involves the defragmentation of body muscles. The fragments end up in the blood stream and are transported to the kidneys. Once here, they are likely to clog up the system and even necessitate a kidney transplant, a very expensive procedure. Kidney Dialysis is not pocket-friendlier option either.

Our commitment is to satisfy you, kindly fill out our form and we will commence the review process immediately. Hiring a Lipitor Lawyer is a decision you won’t regret making.